Best Firmware for Different Models

I thought this might be a good subject for all people to participate in due to the varying Lite-On models out there in “the wild”. I know some versions of firmware elminate the ability to crack some of the copyright protection schemes. Where as you may think you’re just “matching media”, you may be hampering your backup ability. I’ve spoken with a few owners in particular regarding the 32123S burner which I just picked up.

I’m going to start by asking what the best firmware is for the LTR-32123S drive…ummm… What IS the best firmware for the LTR-32123S drive? :slight_smile: Right now the drive is using firmware version XSOU. XSOX is available from LiteOn here

1: I’ve never seen a new firmware do a drive any worse when it comes to backing up protected stuff. (This includes all brands of CD-RW drives).

Except LTR-48125W where VS02 is best in my opinion, I would say that the latest version is the best…

I would tend to agree with OC-Freak on this.

For the 40125S, VS02 oveclock works fine with most as long as you have good media.

However, Norton Ghost causes massive slowdowns and errors with the VS series P-CAV firmwares. If you prefer VS02 and have the hard drive space and a second partition, I suggest this workaround:ghost to a set of disk sized image files and burn them later using NERO, that works great.

i here you oc freak :stuck_out_tongue:

but if you dont have a 40125S (vso2)

then what do you use for a 40125W ? ( ??? )


whats the best for the 40125W

in over clocking and in original firmware ?


I am not sure I agree or disagree regarding the VS02 vs VS06…In winoncd 5 and clonecd…I get better burns at 48x on my Philips cdr rated 40x(CMC)…only 1 error…at 40x no errors with VS06
VS02 gave errors if I recall(how quickly we forget) even at 40x burn

Nero still gives several errors at 48x with VS06 on these crappy discs…at 40x they burn error free so I will drop back on these disc to 40x despite the 30sec or so loss in burn time…

Also just an FYI…VS06 reports the buffer in Nero as 2048K again…unlike VS02 …1984K or whatever

So I think VS06 is better at faster speeds…48x burns for less errors on my crap cdrs…

VS02 is faster …what is the burn speed start at with 40x???

I will be happy when there is an update by Ahead and Roxio for Nero and winOnCD 5 …which I think will help

Also I am looking forward to Liteon next fw …

48x sure does require good media

for nealh -
How many points do you get in 3dmark 2001 with your system?

I have no idea as I do not have it on my system…sorry…I am not big into benchmarks…

for me it is more important do my games run smooth and look good

Did you use heatsinks for memory and special fan for your RADEON overclocking?
Is tour system stabile on 205/205?


Does anyone know which firmware is best for the 32123S drive?


Hi, I’ve been following alot of the messages on various firmwares, and “upgrading” your older Lite-on to 48x writer via Mtkflash, and the appropriate firmwares, the plus and minuses, that sort of thing.

Quick story, I have a Lite-on LTR-40125S, for a number of months now. The last time I had upgraded the firmware was to ZS0A. Didn’t think much of it, after all, newer firmware, better performance, right? With ZS0A, that is true, I haven’t had a single problem with it.

So, I get looking, and find hey, there is ZS0J available! Great, I say, and oh look, is says it is compatible with more media. Sure why not, flash that sucker. Well, big mistake, I got about 6 coasters from it, all from using Sony CD-R’s, rated 32x, and I had burned them as slow as 24x just to be sure. Some were more or less readable, actually they all “worked”, as in came up with the install menus, but checking them with Nero, they had several errors, and a couple failed, and wouldn’t read further. So I try with Maxell, and Memorex…they both did ok, so I’m thinking my Sony CD’s are to blame. Well, back when I was using ZS0A, I had burned a few of the Sony’s, (same type), and so I dug the discs up and tested them with Nero again. No errors! Well…couldn’t have been the Sony’s, maybe it was the ZS0J flash that was to blame?

Finally, I decide I’m going to go back to ZS0A, and with the help of Mtkflash (great program BTW), and after I had converted the .exe file to .bin, and did the whole process again, thanks to OC-Freak for his little collection of older roms, and thank God, because Lite-on had taken down the link to ZS0A, I reflashed my drive, burned some Sony’s at top speed, 32x rated like before, checked for errors in Nero, and viola, NO ERRORS this time.

I’d have to conclude, ZS0A is probably the most compatible flash, I have used several types of media in it no problem, and zero errors too. If your getting errors, no harm in going back, you can do whatever you want with Mtkflash.

The sony 32X is really crap media and I’ve found them to work better with firmware ZS0A as well.

btw they work close to ok with firmware VS02 for LTR-48125W, but crap with VS06…