Best Firmware for Benq 1640



It seems most people use BSLB as opposed to the latest one BSOB. Now I’m not into all the technical stuff that most of you are into,I’m just a noob. Can anyone explain what’s the benefit of using an older FW. Something I should know? thanx


Some people think the jitter has gotten higher since BSLB, and there’s a small quality scan speed drop bug in BSOB, but BSOB has much optimized DVD-R write strategies for medium-quality media. I’ve got no problem with BSOB, personally.


I use BSLB because If it aint broke, I’ll break it fooling around trying to make it better…
In my case I dont use medium or low grade media. I use TY G02 DVD-R only. I buy from Rima and never had quality issues. The BSLB was my 1st and only flash as Disc Quality scans were 98 and 99 consistently.
Since I’m not into Qsuite and the technical side either. I think (for me) to leave well enough alone. TY and BSLB work together very well.


If we take a look at the “Release Reasons” from the firmware updates, we can see why some people get better quality for some media. For example, if you are using 4x rated DVD±R, BSOB would be better because the writing strategies for 4x media is improved since BSNB. The same goes with DVD-R and DVD±R DL. If you mainly use 8x/16x DVD+R, then BSLB is fine. So the best firmware will depends on your media and drive.

Release Reasons
BSKB 8/15/2005

  1. Improved writing quality for DVD+R & DVD-R media.
  2. Added SolidBurn Technology.
  3. Added Overspeed ability. (Enable via QSuite 2.0)

BLSB 8/31/2005

  1. Modified the strategy of SolidBurn for DVD-R media.
  2. Modified the writing strategy for 8x DVD+RW media.

BSMB 11/2/2005

  1. Modified the writing strategy for DVD-R, DVD-R DL & DVD+R DL media.
  2. Improved the compatibility between SolidBurn and QSuite for DVD-R media.
  3. Supported new feature in QSuite v2.1 (Show media support information

BSNB 12/9/2005

  1. Fixed QScan does not work properly.
  2. Improved the writing quality of 4x DVD+/-R media.
  3. Supported FTI 16x DVD-R media.

BSOB 12/23/2005

  1. Fixed DVD-DL PTP format disc cannot be played issue in BSNB.

The problem is we don’t know which spesific media (MID) is modified in each firmware release.


great thanx for the info. I have another Q. I’ve purchased sony 810A and in device manager it says cd-rom(no mention of sony or model number). I know its not normal. When i cross flashed it to benq 1640 and checked my device manager it showed up normally as benq 1640. why is that? shouldnt it show the sony 810 brand name too?


the drive identifies itself as the model you (cross)flashed it to.


You can try to go to Safe Mode, delete the IDE channel where your drive is (Primary or Secondary IDE Channel) and reboot to Safe Mode again to check if the drive name is showing correctly, then reboot to Normal mode. It should shows as “SONY DVD RW DRU-810A”.


I’m using EW164B BEGB firmware, works heck of a lot better than the regular crap fw. Halved my PIE just by switching to external fw.


Im using BSOB now. I am planning to downgrade to BSLB. What is the best method to flash back to BSLB? Safe Mode? How many reboots? Thanks