Best Firmware for a Sony DW-D22A or SOHW 1633S?

I currently own a Sony DW-D22A drive that has been flashed using the BS41 SOHW 1633S firmware (or 1653S as some say). I have noticed a firmware update for the Lite-On 1633S drive which is firmware version BS0S. I was wondering if this firmware is better than the BS41 I currently have which will let me write DVD-R’s at 12x. (I believe or it may be 16x)

If I remember correctly I left the BS41 firmware on the drive because it would allow me to write DVD’s faster and I don’t want to loose this feature.

If it will work can I just flash my drive with the new BS0S firmware or will I need a patched/crossflashed version??



BS0S is older than BS41. Bs41 also adds dvd-r @12x support where BS0S can only write -r @8x.

the firmware which works best for me is sony’s BYX5.
you need the crossflash patched version to be able to flash your drive correctly.
you can get it here:

my 1633 is crossflashed to the 1653 csom

did you start out with an original sony DW-D22A or something else??

just wondering cause i was checking the firmware you linked to with omnipatcher and noticed that it did not have 12x support for the TYG03 media I usually use. If I check the box with omnipatcher will it then burn at 12x using that media? and also is it a good idea to “apply recommended media tweaks” with omnipatcher??



the tweaks are recommended, so apply it. don’t just check the 12x box for your tyg03. the speed is slower for a good reason. maybe it will change witch recommended tweaks.

i have a dru-710a, yours is the oem version of this.
now i have a 1635s and it’s great.

so can I flash my now Lite On SOHW BS41 with firmware for the 1635’s?? I see a patched firmware CS0P to convert 1633 to 1653. but I dont see anything to convert it to a 1635. which I would really like to do cause of the 16x burning.

do you still use the BYX5 on your original DRU 710a drive?

this firmware stuff is really wierd. does it work like this kinda…

when i change my drive from a sony to a lite on 1633 i can then use patched firmware to convert the 1633 to a 1635?

sorry for all the questions, i am just really interested in learning about firmware.


no, you can’t flash to 1635s. i bought that drive yesterday. my 710a has byx5 firmware on it but i don’t use it anymore.

you can directly flash the patched BYX5 to your drive from the link i posted above.

thanks sorry for asking in the other thread.

that other drive is hella fast

i think i’m going to keep my BS41 firmware, when flashing with the others the BS41 still burns about 1:30 faster using Taiyo Yuden TYG03 media.

However I probably should have used my TYG02’s with the other firmwares.


Hi, I just wanted to write and say thanks for the tip.

I also have a Sony dw-D22a running an earlier firmware (out of the box), and noticed that when I bought some TDK 1-16x DVD-Rs, Nero wouldn’t burn to them, whereas Nero using an earlier LG DVD burner I have here, would.

I did as chok0 suggested and ran the firmware flasher and it now runs code BYX5 (I forgot to write down the old code).

Windows now recognises this drive as a Sony DRU-710A, the drive recognises the media and it now burns DVD-R at 12x instead of 8x. I also noticed that the LED on the front panel has changed it’s appearance.


p.s. Geeze I hope the Aussies beat the Bangladeshi’s in the First Test at Fatullah :slight_smile:

where can i find the new firmware for my Sony DW-D22A? the link above is not working. i am using memorex 16X dvds but i am not able to write to them.

I tried the link, it’s working. Go to this page , and search the firmware you want. BYX5 is a good choise, and CS0T is not bad either (has more media-codes).

:bigsmile: Leo

for DW-D22A, would I need the stock or the patched BYX5 or CS0T?

you need the patched flasher.

thank you, i download the firmware for both BYX5 or CS0T. for BYX5, i get a webpage that goes nowhere, and for CS0T i get link to other threads. can you please give me the steps to do this?

Just doubleclick one of these links:
Download one of these files of your choise, unpack with WinRar and run the flasher. You have to use the patched firmware of this site to make crossflashing possible. Should work in Toronto too :iagree: .

:wink: Leo