Best firmware for a MADdog md-16xDVD9

Went by my local Office Max tonight and to my surprise they had a maddog 16x DVD drive(NEC 3500) on clearance,only had 1 left.
I have read great things about this drive :slight_smile:

Im new to the Nec seen,whats the best FW for this Drive.
Im looking for a FW thats had Riplock removed and bitsetting if possible.

hi. welcome to the forum.

firmware FAQ and the LD 3500 firmware threads

You should find everything you need on Dee’s and my NEC ND3500 pages and in Dee’s NEC FAQ

Make sure that it is a 3500 and not a 3520. The boxes are the same for both, check the sticker on the drive its self. If still in doubt post the firmware it came with and post it here.

I have the 3500 as well as the 3520 and I have found the best firmware for the 3500 is 2.18 and for 3520 is 1.UF. This is for TYG02, TTG02, MCC 003, YUDEN000 T02, and TYG01.

Even with riplock removed these are very slow readers; great burners though.

It came with the 2.F6 FW

That sounds like an old MD 3500 firmware, but it looks like it was for an 8X drive.

Make sure someone here who is absolutely certain weighs in.

Had me scared there for a second,since Ive already updated it. :doh:

This was my first scan .
Sony TY burned at 16x. AWESOME

It is a 3500( you lucky dog) Just go to the Mad Dog site and download the latest firmware and the Utitily at the bottom of the page. Install the the firmware, reboot and open the utility and run the bitsetting for +R to DVD-ROM and you should be good to go . After a while you may want to use one of the modded firmwares (will void your warranty) I think I am using one of Liggy’s firmwares (2F3 Fast, I think) and it works fine.

Edit: Good scan, looks like you have things under control. Happy Burning! :bigsmile: