Best firmware for a 2510A

hi i have this drive just siting there so got another pc set up and will use this but would like to know whats the best firmware to use for this drive

thanks for the info

as ever sc00terx

May be
NEC ND-25x0A 2.F9 with RPC1 and Riplock removed


thank you

as ever sc00terx

I tried Herrie’s 1.07v2b5 and 1.08b3v2 and the 2.F8 RPC+RL and 2.F9 RPC+RL, and IMHO 2.F9 is the best.

2.F9 is good but it don’t support overspeeding on certain media that Herrie’s 1.07v2b4 does (like CMC Mag F01 4x DVD+R’s to 8x). So I’m still using Herrie’s at this point in time. :slight_smile:

I use the official MadDog 2.F9. You get Bittsetting and quality burns. I did not get quite as good quality from any other firmware and don’t have to burn >= 8X on every disk.

Does the 2.F9 have bitsetting ?
And where can I download the original one ?

Can only find these: Mad Dog MD-8XDVD9 v2.F9
25x0_2.F9_RPC+RL.rar NEC ND-25x0A 2.F9 with RPC1 and Riplock removed

Which one to choose ?


The Mad Dog MD-8XDVD9 v2.F9 is the original Mad Dog firmware. The second one, ND25x0 2.F9 RPC+RL, is a modified version in which the name was changed to NEC 25x0, to make your drive show up as a ND25x0 in you bios. And it has the riplock removed and is region free. I would choose the second one.

Both firmwares are single-layer and dual-layer bitsetting.