Best Firmware For a 1673



I recently aquired a Liteon 1673 and was wondering what firmware has given the best results as far as quality is concerned. I pretty much burn with TY TO2’s
exclusively at least for the next 350 or so burns till my stash is used up.
Thanks, Budzos


it’s safe to use the newest firmware, especially if the drive is new. atm it’s JS05.


Thanks, thats what I wanted to know, now if I wanted to try a modified firmware are
there any that are recomended as well?
Thanks, Budzos


you can edit the write speeds, swap the write strategiesand increase the readspeed to 12x or 16x. look here:


Are there any recomended write stategy swaps for TO2’s or is it best to leave it alone?
Thanks, Budzos


the recommended swaps can be applied with omnipatcher. just load the firmware into it and click “apply recommended media tweaks”. if there is a tweak, it will be applied. read the info file of omnipatcher.


Thanks, Budzos