Best firmware for 811s?

i have read multiple threads on which firmware is the best , i dont want to start a big argument. i was just wondering if there has been any kind of agreement on which one works best. right now i am using CMC MAG FO1 000 and HSOQ i am not getting great results with it , some are actually pretty bad. should i switch back to HSOK ? also i am going to be getting some TY disks soon , which would be the best for those? thanks for any help.

sorry if this has been beat to death , i just dont have piles of time right now search and search the threads.

also , is liteon ever going to do a newer firmware than HSOQ or is the drive to old for them to worry about ? seems like it has been awhile. i got some optodisk samsungs from newegg thinking they were TYs and they wont work in my drive at all pretty much unreadable disks everytime.

sorry for long post :frowning:

thanks again


Many stayed @ HSOK. I also burn many (very many) dvd’s with this firmware. For the + I always use the RICOHJPN R01. Believe me it is one of the best media’s.

One of the guru’s here, RDGRIMES showed in a thread the best scan I ever saw (on a 811) with that media. As you can see he used a newer firmware. I think that this graph shows that we don’t have to sell our 811’s. We just have to buy good media.

i guess i will leave the HSOQ for now and just try some TY’s or something I had some RICOHJPN R01 and never got any scans close to that good on either firmware. i guess some drives are just better than others :slight_smile:

thanks for your help ,