Best firmware for 4163B?

Hi, My current version is AN16… is it good ? or Am I try A106 ?


A106 works very well for me. Never used AN16.

It could also depend on what media you use, some FW’s might have better support for the media you dont use and vis-verse.

Although I have not had that drive installed in my computer for quite some time, I do remember that A106 was very good. The only thing I did not like about the LG firmware was the lack of 12Xdash write descriptors in the firmware.:iagree:

Hi veram,
The AN16 Firmware is only for NEC OEM drives of LG GSA-4163B :cop: . If you own not a NEC OEM Drive, I would use the A106 Firmware :iagree: . It’s the latest/newest version. It works great for me. If you have any problems after flashing, you can easy downgrade to older versions.
BTW I think, there are no probs…

Please try following link, where you found all firmware from A101 to A106:

Good luck. If there are more questions, you are welcome.

Thank you guys :flower: , I’m using A106 now :wink: