Best firmware for 4120B & Ritek G05s?

I recently got some Ritek G05s for my GSA-4120B. I burnt the first at 8x and got the focus tracking error, tried again and it worked, once more and it failed again so since then I’ve just been burning them at 4x and they never fail when burning.

When watching DVD movies I’ve made they always start to freeze / skip near the end and gets worse and worse closer to the end. I’ve tested them on several DVD players as well as my 4120B and get the same result on all of them.

To try and solve the problem I’ve changed the drive to master from slave and also upgraded the firmware to A115 (from A002 or something which it came with). Both of these things didn’t help.

My questions are; is there any firmware version which will burn these discs so they are watchable and if not are they safe to use to backup data on, or will that currupt as well?


Try different media. Maybe you got a bad batch. Or check for compatiblity.

You can try the latest fw A116 and see if there is any improvement. A116 is available from

or search for A116 in the LG forum.