Best firmware for 411s@811s for use in an Xbox

I recently upgraded my ldw-411s to an 811s and haven’t had any problems with burning but my xbox doesn’t like my new ritek g05 dvd-r’s that i got from newegg. i have hsop firmware. i know some lite-on firmwares are geared more to +r and some are for -r. is there a better firmware for these dvd-r’s to be used in an xbox (samsung dvd drive)

would i be best to get a new burner, i hear the ritek g05’s need to be burned at max speed and my burner is only 4x. how about the lite-on 1633s?

have you tried HSOK this is reported the best for -Rs, have you tried +Rs with bitsetting to dvd-rom?

i haven’t tried hsok in 811 mode. however, i went back to 411 mode temporarily with FS0F (the one that is most compatible with xbox) and the disc would only write at 1x. i’ll try using HS0K and see what happens. i dont’ have any +R, never used it. i heard the xbox didn’t like it but then i found out about bitsetting so maybe i’ll switch.

Yes, if you bitset your +Rs to ROMs then the Xbox will have no problem reading them (even if you have a Thomson… :wink: ) But as you have a Sammy, there should be no prob reading -R or ROM set DVDs.

I use FS0J on my 401s@411s on my xbox (philips). Ridata (ricohjpn) +R bitset to -Rom work flawlessly in all 3 different xbox drives.

Also, are you burning movies, or games? If games, are you using udf or are you making a proper gdf’ed xbox iso, and what tool are you using?