Best firmware for 2500a?

Been a while since I was here, it looks like most of the posts are about the 3500 now…
After looking throught the posts, I can’t decide which firmware I should be using for my 2500a- herrie’s beta7, or one of the 2510 firmwares? I don’t have any dual layer media in my future, so that’s not an issue.

After seaching a bit, I’d like to know as well, but I’ll be more specific. I myself would like bitsetting on my 2500a for SL discs for sure, as well as low error burns. DL writing and media ‘overclocking’ are nice but not that essential.

It seems like Herrie’s 107v2b5 is considered most ‘stable’ right now. (Herrie’s 2.16 does not do SL bitsetting)

Then there’s TDB 2510-2F7, claimed to have better writing strategies for Princo and RitekR02. This doesn’t sound very reassuring to me though, since Princo and more recently Riteks are questionable quality at BEST and seem to be generally avoided now.

Finally there’s MadDog 2.F7. Sounds good but I’ve seen some posts with people having problems with it and certain usually good media. So, maybe too new?

Hopefully someone that knows more can chime in…

The TDB 2510-2F7 and the MadDog 2.F7 are the same!

Cool, makes that easier… but how stable is it?


Am in the same boat as zapp… All these different firmwares are rather confusing :confused: - to me anyways…

Am currently on Herrie’s 107v2b5 firmware and is working nicely on my 2500A - Anything better?..
Like the Idea of the region unlock and also being able to write 4speed discs at 8X (which I am doing) would also like to be able to write DL discs.

Short of forking out for a 3500A :smiley: which I’m not prepared to do at the moment, what firmware is best for me? I find all the Posts/edits rather confusing to be honest…



I asked th same question a while ago, and got many confusing responds, I really do not understand some of the test results, and agre with ASM1 with the requirements, (by the way I have a 2510A)

Hi all, companions,

I too am with a 2500A and still reluctant to buy a 3500A bexause the benefits are not obvious at the moment. I think we can still do ecxellent burns with this drive using quality 4X and 8X media.

If you just do SL then stay with Herrie’s 107V2B4 or B5, the latter for Verbatim DL support. These offer more speed hacks than the following (like burning Ricoh R01 at 8X…).

If you like to try newer strategies, support for Verbatim DL to the expense of losing SL bitsetting and some media speed hacks then go for 216. In my case I find Ricoh R01 burn a tad better than with Herrie’s B4 and B5 FW. Herrie’s (again !) version of this firmware has support for Ritek DL too if you are convinced of or want to test the quality of this media.

With 2F7 you will regain SL bitsetting as compared to 216. Burn quality is imho the same and there is no risk as reported by some posts.

You can successively try them all depending on the media you want to test and have a good time doing so.

Don’t neglect your family though ;-))