Best firmware for 1633S?



What is the best firmware version for a 1633S?
Currently I have the stock BS0S.

I ran into a problem ripping with DVD DeCrypter: read errors. When I switched to my old 411S it worked but still had 3 read errors.



i recommend CS0K as i get better results with it than with CSTJ:


I prefer BYX3. Thanks to codeguys!


the BYX3 writing quality isn’t as good as with CSTJ/CS0K.


CSOK here as well :slight_smile:


For my drive, it depends on the Media:

Ricohjpn R01: CSTJ
Yuden T02: CSTJ
Sony D11: BSOS


I use el cheapo Supermedia 8x or 4x.
I have been getting good results until recently.

Just want to make sure the drive will perform as well as can be expected.


Which of the .exe do I use?


BYX3 … The Gods have spoken!!! :bow: :bow:


this one: 1653S.CS0K.patched-cf-rs-ledfix.exe


That’s what I figured, I took a shot at it yesterday and flashed the drive with that one. Fell asleep before I got to try it out. Omnipatcher would not let me change any of the settings?

Also installed Kprobe, so I can run some tests (I am new at this). The media I use is MMC 03 and AML something. Both are sold as Supermedia on

So I have, in effect, turned my 1633 into a 1653? :bigsmile:


yes :wink:


I’ve had my best results from BYX3 but couldn’t get bitsetting to work


I’m having my best scans with Stock BSOS and Yuden000 T02. My question, would anyone recomend going to CSOK while getting these results with BSOS? And my other question, would I be able to flash back to BSOS if BSOK didn’t work out?



You can use the [Floppy Icon] to save a better &
smaller picture of your scan for posting here…!


Sorry, I knew I’d screw up my first scan posting somehow… I’ll look for it next time.




No need to sorry, just want you to have a
better picture only…!

:iagree: :smiley: :rolleyes:


Please make sure you try burning with both BS0S and CSTJ/CS0K. And scan with both firmware. Sometimes, different firmware may scan differently. You may miss a good firmware if it can burn better but read worse.

I heard that C0deking likes CSTJ more than CS0K. I will also stick to it.


I would do that if the answer to my question “would I be able to flash back to BSOS if BSOK didn’t work out?” was ‘yes’. Is it ‘yes’? I’m a little hesitant to cross if only for the obvious warrenty issues.



@ Behr

You can easy go back to BS0S. But you have to use patched firmware, to crossflash the drive back to be a 1633. I did the same last week and used the BS0S ledfix firmware, (already patched) so I have still the benefit of the nice red burning led.

:slight_smile: Leo