Best Firmware for 1620?

Currently i am using b7v9 the newest but is this the best firmware to burn yuden t002? Seems ot be a pro for the first 80% then sometimes :wink: the end goes to hell :slight_smile: eeeck i got a spike to 25 pifs ;( tat disk is so going to the garbage

Try reflashing using the B7L9 trick (flash to L9, reboot 2x, power off, flash to V9, reboot 2x, power off). Also, try to reinstalling your burning software. If using NERO, use Nero’s General Clean Tool to uninstall it and remove all remnants of the install.

Have you tried any other firmwares? Everyone’s Benq 1620 seems to behave differently. Thus, your question is near impossible to get an exact answer for your drive … b/c simply your drive an system are unique.

Generally, I get good results with B7T9, B7U9 (YUDEN000 T02 @ T03 strat), and B7V9 (WOPC off) for 8x burning. T9 is ok with 12x. V9 not so good. … here again, this is just from my experience.

Just look at the media scan postings here … no two drives / results are alike.

Good luck.

I’ve found that BBHA (haven’t tested BBIA yet) works best on my YUDENT002. The 1620 firmwares aren’t always that good for TY media, esp. when it’s TYG02.
You can also try some Philips fw, and the HP too (tho i wouldn’t recommend HP).

trying different strats atm with my benq yuden t002 its wonderful until the last 20% has like 20 pifs then goes bonkers but only at 16x works fine at 12 trying to work it into a safe 16x burn :wink: hehe got a new pioneer 110d but it lacks any firmware yet and default is le suck :slight_smile:

played with msce abit and b7v9 t02@t03 at 16x gave me a 97 quality and fixed a Disturbing spike i got with the t02 strat :slight_smile: and with that Loseless strat copying i can replace my dazon media code and such as well recomendation for cmc mag e01 replacement code?

Well, if you’re talking 16x burns, then I don’t have much to add other than my 16x T02 burns aren’t very good … hence, I mainly stick to 8-12x burns. Maybe take a peak at the Post Your Benq 1620 Media thread for 16x scans. See how they compare.

Btw, post a scan of your 16x burn in question. Maybe someone else is having similar issues.

CMC MAG E01 … try MCC 003, MCC 004, MBIPG101 R05. Maybe even T03. :slight_smile:

T02 isn’t a 16x media, they generally suck @ that speed unless you get an exceptional spindle. my 12x burns are almost as fast as the 16x, and @ 12x they burn much better.

strangely enough Now i have the mcse codes rearranged differently and relfashed it it runs fine at 16x :slight_smile: but i agree forsafetys sake fo rthe 20 seconds I burn at 12x wopc off I actually have tested it and wopc on causes more pifs then it saves for this media :wink:

I’m Using B7V9 Firmware.
And Burnt My Very First TYG02 At Default Speed 8x.

Burn Time 8:28

@ Pulsee:

That’s a good looking TYG02 burn … esp. 57 PIF total. Very nice. You could try turning WOPC off, which drops my PIE’s significantly (sometimes in half) when burning TYG02’s in B7V9 at 8x. Worth a try. :slight_smile:

Also, with WOPC off (tho, for some reason, doesn’t always turn off in B7V9 … V9 is really quirky that way - esp. at 12x), my PIE’s are really smoothed out, and I notice that the PIE ramp up at the end is usually smoothed out. Give it a shot and post a scan. Hope it helps. ( lol … not that you really need to improve that burn much more over a 57 PIF total … :slight_smile: ).