Best Firmware For 111D - Backing Up Xbox360 Games

Hello all, i am currently using the 1.29 firmware for my DVR-111D Writer.

But iv backed up a couple of my xbox 360 games and for some reason i get unplayable disk on them when i insert them into my 360, but if i reset the console a few times they begin to load up, iv backed up other games and they work first time flawlessly? maybe its my console, i’m not sure, i use Verbatim DVD+R DL Disks.

I heard about the bitsetting etc DVD-ROM etc, but this drive does it automatically correct?

Is it worth my while upgrading the firmware to the 8.29 firmware etc? i’m wondering if its my console or the burner making it go funny and not read the disks properly!

So whats the best one to use?


xBox 360 requires discs bitsetted to DVD-ROM. Pioneer DVR-111D does it automatically for DL discs, not for single layer discs. As i understand, your problem is due to console. You can try to crossflash 111L, this gives auto bitsetting for SL discs.

So theres no point in changing firmware? seeing as the 360 only reads DL disks for games.

My Xbox drive is Hitachi, but its wierd that some games i burn read flawlessly with no unrecognised disk errors? but some games it gives the error and i have to keep resetting untill it eventually loads.

I wonder what the problem is to use the originals…?!

Please don’t mention that “my discs can get scratched” fairytale. Thanks.

The Pio burners do bitset automatically, ALWAYS.

I think thats obvious mate.

What is obvious in your opinion?

i also have a dvr-111d and its not bitsetting automatically so i tried flashing to a 111L still not bitsetting …and still cant burn 360 games …

There is no need for you to know why i want to make backups.

Perhaps I should report your posts to an moderator.

Maybe you haven’t really read the forum rules…

Where in the rules does it say i “have” to talk about why i want to back my games up? it has nothing what so ever to do with you, or anyone on this forum.

I asked a simple question about my burner, that was all.

report my post? what is wrong with the post? grow up, you’re pathetic.

Make sure you have latest firmware for you xbox 360 dvd rom drive, the latest releases fix some of the read bugs, also make sure you are using quality media.

I’m currently using Maximus-Garyopa_XTRM-HITACHI_v2_3_Stealth_Rev2

i dont think is a newer version is there? my hitachi drive is a 59dj.


Is your XBox 360 mod working well? Maybe not…