Best firmware for 111?



Already got my 111 (not D or L) drive and I’ve been ploughing through the forum here and @ The Firmware Page.

I’m connected via firewire and via the updated stock 1.23 firmware to RPC1 1.29…Is this the best I can get unless I hook it up to a desktop (sadly not an option)?

I thought there was no booktype changing with this firmware and from a quick test I was right. I presume the only way would be a crossflash? Possible externally?

TIA for any advice.


if you want booktype for DVD+R you need to use the 8.19 firmware to first crossflash the drive and then update with the 8.29, you can do this with the external device


You might need to use the EXT version of the firmwares, although I don’t know the difference.

The 8.29 doesn’t allow booktype selection but in addition to booktyping DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROM automatically it also does it for DVD+R.