Best firmware for 110D

I was looking for a post on this subject so other than picking up DVD RAM, what’s the advantages of flashing a 110D to that of the 110 or 10XL? Has anyone noticed any improvements in writing or PIE errors? I almost, well did have my hands on a pioneer A10XL for a few minutes that I got from someone on ebay but it arrived DOA so I guess I won’t have the nice faceplate as they are taking it back so what is the favorite out there for the 110D drive? I use nothing but TY inkjet hub printable media.

I reccomend you use fw 8.37 which is modified to allow RAM+bitsetting+removed riplock+rpc1

go here:

and get the file that has ‘maxrip’ in the title. :smiley:

just launch the ‘bat’ file.


it is for 110 not 110D right?


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All the same hardware and crossflashable.

same hardware ?
OMG !!..

AND can i downgrade my 110D’s firmware back to 1.37 from



yes, you must use DVRflash 2.2 and force flash the drive. Use the search feature to learn how to use DVRflash, also read the read-me file.

If you look in the forums you can find version 1.39 as RPC1 !

any news about 8.39 firmware coming from buffalo release … ?

with nero I am not able to chose the bitsetting with 8.37
is it normal ?

No news about that.

Why don’t you ask Buffalo if you really want it??

because I only have an asus drw 1608P2 crossflashed to pioneer 110 …
I dont have bought buffalo …

And who cares anyway?

Ask them and mention you will buy it if they release the .39 with the improvements which Pioneer also included…

I have already made the same request with asus
customer of drw 1608P2 are waiting for 5 week end the release of 1.39 firmware … no answer … and no release …
the problem is that they know that buffalo burner are not on the european market no ?