Best firmware for 1108im

What is the best firmware for a 1108im drive? is there a hacked or modded auto-bit set version? etc… please advise. :bow:


It’s hard to say which is the best firmware, normally is the latest the best. I use B130 without problems. The latest hacked is version B028 from TDB (rpc1, no autobitset). If you want to autobitset you can use Nero, there is an option in choose recorder where you can select the default booktype for the disk.



I bought this drive last week, it came with firmware B029.

There is a newer one which is B130. Does any one know when was this release made? How often do they put out new firmware releases?

I did not want to upgrade untill I know what others are doing? And also this is the first time I am doing this. Just trying to be little cautious.


Hi and welcome here at CDF,

B130 firmware was released in December 2004, I think. BTC releases nearly every month a update, in most cases they add support for more medias, sometimes they change some writestrategies to get better results for some medias. There is no need for you to upgrade the firmware when the results of yur burns are OK.

Thanks for the note. Right now, it is burning all right with my GQ DVD-R 8X media as well as Maxell DVD-RW media pretty good. As you suggested I will stick with the same firmware that I got.


I’d like to see your scans if possible from the GQ media. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I haven’t used these medias, but be sure that you get enough comments when you post your own.

I was asking this anandy guy :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the mid code of GQ media ?

The version of B130 is belong to B030, and it add some write strategy for new media.

some of the gq media from frys is leaddata and some are the fake ty. the leaddata is the ones on the white spindle and the fake ty02 are the ones with the grey spindles. I have found that the fake ty02 work good in my 1108 drive with the 130 firmware and play back on most dvd players.

Hi james91:

How did you judge the disc is fake TY or not ?