Best Firmware Benq 1620 Pro

What is the best firmware for this drive using media from Ridata like the 4x ricoh and the Ritek R02-03 and maybe throw in some Verbatim 8x MCC 03.


Okay if no one can help me out here with the first post, can soneone atleast tell me if I can re-flash older firmwares on this drive. Help me out people, I am new with this benq drive and don’t know much about it.


I am using B7V9. Yes you can reflash older firmware.

hello dja2k
I believe that all of the 1620 drives are the same as far as firmware goes I always use the current firmware (b7v9) I have 3 1620’s and you can flash to any firmware you want sometimes I flash 2 seperate times seems to work better other people suggest the same thing (flash twice) I included a scan of ty02 burn@ 12x with b7v9 firmware mcc 03 also very good results pif total is usually about 400 for this size burn I usually score a 97 or a 98 with mcc 03 but ty is always better the little glitches in the read speed are caused by me surfing the internet


Another post with similar subject matter:

From what I’ve read and based on my own 1620 experience, it simply varies from drive to drive to media to media. I would disagree with jamescooley1’s comment about all 1620’s being the same as far as firmware goes. Just browse through the benq forums, and you’ll see why.

Also, when you have time, browse through the “post your _____ scans” threads. I’m sure you’ll come across MCC 003 (for sure) and some Ritek/Ricoh scans. May give you a target point to consider for your drive.

To add to that, you can always try your own mad experimenting … MCSE modding write strategies and such. Gotta luvit!! :slight_smile:

BBHA works pretty good for me, esp. w/MCC003. Use WinDWflash to cross-flash with a .cvt file.


BBHA for 1620? Wow. Could you post some scans for MCC003? Inquiring minds wanna know. :slight_smile: