Best Firmware and CF Lite-on LTR-48246S to LTR-52246S?

Hi all,

Please excuse if this have been asked before…I have the Lite-on LTR-48246S and would like to flash to the latest firmware…but I dont find the firmware in the oficial LiteON site.

Where can I get the latest firmware for my Lite-on LTR-48246S ?

It is posible to Upgrade and CrossFlash the Lite-on LTR-48246S to the
faster LTR-52246S ?

Would greattly appreciate if anyone reconmends me the best firmware for
the LTR-48246S.

Thanks in advance for the help.


^Get 6S0D.exe and flashfix it. Get it here:

And yeah, it does flash it to the 52246S.

6S0F is the latest firmware. i never had any problems with it. the 52246s is one of the best cd writers out there.

Thanks Bhairav and chok0 for answer fast!!

Then the latest LTR-48246S firmware is 6S0F, but since apparently the drive (hardware) is the same, its better
to Upgrade/crossflash to the faster LTR-52246S 52X ?

Excuse my ignorance, but apart from the extra speed, are there any other benefits ?

Thanks again for Help!



just do it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

is there 6S0F on your 48246s? if so, it’s only a downgraded firmware. flash with the original 52246s 6S0F and you get 52x cd read/write speeds.

Thanks to all that help me!!!

I will then flash my drive with the original 52246s “6S0F”
to get 52x cd read/write speeds.



Just wanted to share that the LTR- 52246S firmware from the Lite-On site also works with Memorex 52MAXX 2452AJ as this drive is just a rebadged LTR-48246S (discovered by opening drive and noting the 48246S model number marked on the main circuit board in the Memorex 52MAXX 2452AJ, drive was then flashed using firmware from Lite-On site after patching firmware installer with FlashFix utility referenced in other sections of these forums for patching Lite-On firmware installers). No problems encountered thus far with Memorex unit after flashing with Lite-On LTR-52246S firmware.