Best firmware 4 1633s

Hi guy’s :slight_smile:

im quite new on this forum so i would like to say hello to everybody :bigsmile:

and a little question if i can please :bow:

im looking 4 the best 4 now in your’s opinion firmware 4 1633s.
as i see Memorex BWSE is not bad, or oryginal BSOK can be good , or maybe TEAC B4S6 but wchich exactly? and how i should make this fw?
of course by omnipatcher :bow: but is necessary to make all changes 4 this above’s fw like " apply recomended media tweaks", “increase dvd reading speed”, enable auto-bitsetting", “enable cross-flashing”? I only repeat that this fw is 4 oryginal 1633s with BSOC fw. aha or maybe CS02 from 1653s is better 4 this drive?
im very looking forward 4 your’s answers :bigsmile:

no, forget CS02, it’s crap. take BS0K from codeguys site, run it through omnipatcher and enable all checkboxes.

@ vuy welcome. Have you tried your current firmware yet? Maybe what you have now IS best for your drive…every drive has its ‘best’ firmware. It also depends on the media you will use. Try a few burns and post some Kprobe 2.4.2 scans, done at 4x. After scanning and before removing disc, click diskette icon in upper right and save as .PNG. To attach, use ‘manage attachments’ button in ‘go advanced’ reply window.