Best firmw for 716A?

Hi to expertise people,

I’ m a new user for Plex 716a (I’ve just used Pio109 and Benq).
I’ve read many post, but I don’t understand what is the best firmware for this drive. Often I burn -R disk (Verbatim MCC, TY and datawrite…).
The last firmw is 1.08, but it doesen’t seems the right choice…reading posts.
Can you help me to do the right choice…

Many thanks in advance

i think latest always the best…in general…

Honestly, no problem with 1.08, as i know the 1.05 version was a little bit buggy!

1.07 works perfect! I am waiting to see what happens on the 1.08 for my media ty02 and max002 before I flash. It seems much of the discussion is media related and 1.07 burns my media faster. Can’t say if its better. But 1.07 and above will be fine.

Can the Plextor 716A be used without installing the Plextools software? I am having a great deal of problems under standing how to use this software and would just like to have the drive and the firmware do its job like most other drives. If I delete the Plextools software will this affect the speed or media compatibility of the drive? I only use top quality media Tys and Verbs and I just want to speed up the process by using a quality drive like the Plextor.

feel free. I through Plextools some time ago away, damn worthless piece of software.

Etp, haven’t seen you around much, but I know you’ve been busy. :bigsmile:

Well, I was encouraged to use 1.08, although there weren’t many “offical improvments” posted on the plex site. However, I’ve not seen it burn any of my normal media I use any worse, at least. (That’s primarily y000t02-00, Fuji DVD+R 8x Made in Japan.)

There has been no Write strategy changes for DVD burning to the Plextor 716A FW since FW 1.06. or maybe 1.05 OC Freak did this comparison between the Plextor and BenQ. The newer FW mainly fixes bugs and CD burning (or was supposed to)and some DL fixes. Many people say there writing changed with FW updates, but shouldn’t have as the write strats are the same.:slight_smile:

That would explain why I’ve seen no beta/jitter improvements in how my Fuji DVD+R 8x MIJ (y000t0200) burn. It’s made sadder by the fact that the 3 techs I’ve talked to told me and swore up and down they work hard on testing DVD media and write strategies. :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, I sent them scans and data galore to improve the above media write strategy, but there was no apparent improvement, so it appears that one at least wasn’t improved.

Thanks for the link and updating us again, crossg. :wink:

Quema34 and all, been a litttle occupied but never too busy to speed time with geek friends.LOL :bigsmile:
I was thinking of a 1693 to do scans with! Just can’t get motivated to buy a liteon!


PS! I was thinking of dumping plex tools myself. Can you still enable speed read/ speed read with no Plex tools?

Thanks to all

So from 1.06 firmware for 716A, the write strategy was not changed, only bugs fixed if I understand.

But I read the post-link of Crossg (comparison between Benq1620 and Plex 716) and it seems Benq1620 better or almost, compared to Plex 716a…
Is it really so??
I thought Plex to be the best DVD-writer (mainly to burn DVD -R), extra money apart (more than twofold the Benq in Italy). So I decided to buy a Plex.
Do you consider actually a Plex 716 no more a good choice??
Do you prefer Benq now?

The last question
Is 716a better than 740 ??

I’d like to know your opinion.
I appreciate this forum, I learned much.

Thank in advance

I tried the registry mod and erased the “plextor” entry, but when I tried CDSpeed, all that happened is the disk spun up; the test never ran and it just sat there until I shut it down from my task manager. As for uninstalling Plextools, I’ve not tried that, so I can’t speak intelligently about that. Sorry. :frowning:

The BenQ1620 seems to be a very good burner, if you get one that works well from the start. Some people bought BenQ1620s from a computer shop or computer store, so if the BenQ failed under warranty, they could get a new one easier. A Plex 716a is still a good choice if you get one that works right. Both have had at least some problems with quality and both have their share of complaints for failing. However, all those who got a BenQ1620 and Plex px-716a that worked well and never had problems with them, both camps of people are very pleased with their choice.

The 740 is at least ‘half’ benq1640, so if you really wanted a benq1640, I would get the BenQ1640, not the Plextor 740.

@patroclo. The link I posted was a comparison for writing @16x, which I believe the BenQ 1620 can do better in most cases with +R media. The Plextor and BenQ compliment each other if you have both drives. The BenQ seems to have a hard time writing -R media well, the only -R media it likes is TYG02 and maybe MCC 03RG20, while the Plextor does a better job with -R. For reasons beyond my comprehension the Plextor will do well with crap Quality media (why spend twice as much for the drive and buy crap media?? That’s like people driving down the steet at way slower than the speed limit and then they see the stop light go yellow and put the pedal to the metal!!) I don’t get it.:confused: The Plextor is a good writer and so is the BenQ they are just good in different areas. HTH.:slight_smile:

Well, sounds strange, I know, but after trying fw. 1.08 my 716a died. It doestn’t burn DVD media (neither R nor RW) and CDRW, only CDR. And reads everything all right.
Thinking about taking it back to Plextor.

sleb if your drive is dead you should of course have it replaced. I doubt though that it has anything to do with the firmware upgrade but if I were you I’d first try downgrading firmware again to see if that solves your problem. Also be sure to try the self-test before returning the drive (Plextor will probably ask you to do this anyway before they will accept to exchange the drive).

My PX-716A’s are using firmware 1.07 at the moment. Usually I always load the latest version but I haven’t got around to load 1.08 yet. The media I use works great anyway with firmware 1.07 so there is no real need to upgrade for me.

Sounds like something is missing in your flash! I agree try it again and then send it back!

The BQ 1640 would be my choice also. All the drives in my sig block work perfect and the 3530/3540 I returned was an great burner.

Sure, thanks, I’ve already tried all this. My drive is TLA 0202, so I tried all the firmwares I found, but, unfortunately, with no result.
Probably that’s right and it has nothing to do with fw upgrade. I simply state that it happened right after I upgraded. I asked the guys on Plex-Europe, they told me nothing could be done and the drive needs to be replaced.

Media? Hardware limitation?

My opinion: FW that terminate in “Par” numbers…2,4,6,8 so 1.03,1.05 and 1.07 suck :bigsmile:

Good Luck!


Moments ago i came to my house, with new media stuff, Maxell 1-8X -R :stuck_out_tongue:
I put it on my Plextor FW 1.08, and no media inside?!?!

Reboot PC, try Aspi and nothing!! Oh my god! I don`t have Waranty on this stuff!!

Than i reinstall FW 1.06 and voilá, everthing back to normal…

Go figure… :confused:

Mordorr ( Testing Maxell 1-8X -R ).