Best Firewire enclosure for NEC 3500a?

I’m looking for a high-quality Firewire enclosure for a black-bezeled NEC 3500a. It doesn’t need USB at all. I’m not very familiar with enclosures in general - what’s the best chipset? What are the better brands? Even better, if someone could link me to a Firewire enclosure they’ve had a good experience with, I’d appreciate it. Anything under $100 is fine.

Also, this will be used on both a desktop and a laptop. The desktop has the regular 6-pin Firewire port, but the laptop only has a mini 4-pin port. All I’d need to get is a seperate cable and the enclosure should work fine, right?

I had a bad experience with a Bytecc 5.25" USB 2.0 enclosure and do NOT want to go the USB route again.

Hi kaidomac,
I need the same thin, under 50$-40$
I can burn @16x
Thank you