Best & Fastes Dvd-write Allrounder?



Hi there guys…

yes yes … i know … thousands over thousands of posts like “Which is the best etc.”…

but i want an individual answer referring to the Plextor PX-712A, which after some investigations around Cdfreaks reviews … seems to b the best (yeah it`s not as cheap as the others but nothing can mess uop with this work of peace in quality …)…

so waht`s your oppinion … ??..



NEC have the best write quality
There ND-2500a 2510a produce great results.

If you can wait 2 or 3 weeks, the ND-3500 will be out and it will be the fastest drive as well… NEC also support double Layer recording.
Read about it HERE


I think the general consensus is that the Plextor is expensive, but really not enough to justify its pricetag. It is picky about media. While it can write at 12x on certain 8x certified +R discs, it’s only a few minutes time saving in the end. NEC is a solid choice.


yes … i also read much about NEC and its products …

but how about NEC DVD burners and their skillness in reading and writing copyprotected games (like safedisc and securom) .,…


You didn’t mention copy protected discs in your post :stuck_out_tongue:
NEC are not the best readers in the world, they do however back up safedisc, all be it slowly, if safedisc is No1 reason for you buying a writer, i suggest you search for safedisc related threads :slight_smile:


I had a pioneer 107 and 2 nec 2510. The pioneer won hands down every time.
My mates wanted me to get the nec 2510’s for their new rigs, but I was disappointed when I tested them out. I wanted to buy one myself. I tried the 2.16 firmware as well and the result was the same.


If speed is the most important, I would get a Philips based drive. They write P-CAV for the most part and produce great +R/+RW media as good or better than any. Most manufacturers are using Z-CLV which works fine, but is the easy, and slower, way to get to faster speeds. If you look at quality versus time, you can’t beet them. I have a 25210A that produces great -R burns (and + also), but my Cyberdrive DX082D finishes almost 2 minutes faster with + media, write quality is great, and bitsetting is supported by the manufacturer. I know that the NEC guys will get upset, but if we don’t put forth all the information people will fail to get the whole picture. I do like my 2510, but when I am in a hurry and want to get done fast, I don’t even think of the NEC. If NEC work support the features we want and not leave it to Herrie and other hackers, I think a lot more people would love them…