Best F/W to update with drive issue (BenQ DW1650)

[qanda]This thread is about the BenQ DW1650. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I recently acquired a BenQ DVD DD DW1650 that had the original F/W. I dug around on google and the like, but I’d rather ask here.

What is the best firmware to flash onto this drive? I been hearing about flashing it with other companies drives F/W, but I’m not sure as to what is the best one to use.

Also I’m having an issue with this drive in server 2k3, XP, and Vista. The drive keeps giving me “D:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function.”

To fix that, I googled up a microsoft answer or two, but neither of them fixed the problem. I don’t have a ‘burning or recording’ tab for the drive in My Computer, and I cant read any kind of burned disk (CD-Rs are what I have tried thus far).

Thanks in advance!

What kind of disk is in the drive?

I think its either a burned CD-R or an blank CD-R, thats what Im trying to figure out. But if i put in a guarenteed new disk, it gives the same error. The icon in My Computer turns from DVDRW to CD Drive and then I cant do anything with the drive. This is why i think the f/w needs a look into. Its using BCDC [I think].

I dont get it with DVDs, but then again, I havent tried one yet. I installed Vista and my GPU/Chipset drivers off a DVD, but they werent burned disks.

To summarize, it seems to dislike anything that can be written to - but doesnt mind factory made RIM disks. The fix I found from M$ was a registry edit that attempts to make windows recognize the drive as a burner (in case it wasnt discovered as such). It didnt work.

Well, you cant read a blank diisk. It is normal for the drive icon to change to CD Drive when a blank disks is put in the drive.

Well I cant write to it either. Apparently the system hates me…

Anyways, what is the recommended f/w to flash with? Is BCDC --> BCIC as far as I can go with it, or should I load another IOS from another vendor? is there a better option? I dont know anything about this drive really…

What are you using to write with? (program).

Nero and PowerISO are my main ones. I just installed my OS and since Windows didnt support the native burning options, I had to run to the store and get nero 8 so I could burn disks.

Try the newest firmware for the 1650 and see what happens. Are you using an 80 wire ide cable?

Yea its an EIDE cable. No jumpers are set, but its the only IDE item in the PC. I wish it were sata though…

So you think I should use the newest (BCIC) that BenQ released? It seems kind of old, did they stop supporting this drive already? They should really make at least one more f/w update. I wish XP or vista would recognize this as a burner so it can stop with all the headaches already!:bow:

You have to set one of the jumpers…either Master, Slave, or Cable Select.

[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2206677]You have to set one of the jumpers…either Master, Slave, or Cable Select.[/QUOTE]

Thing is, I didnt get any jumpers with it. My older PCs I made never needed jumpers specifically, so I never bother with them unless I have a big issue.

Look at the back of the drive. There should be a set of 6 pins.
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You have to a little jumper plug on one of the three or the drive wont work.