Best f/w for 1673S




I have a 1673S, i can see lots of f/w including crossflashed ones to 1693… some are for quality, some for fast burning, and the last for both… is this the best one?

What do you recommend me to use?



Hehe, spoiled for choice. :bigsmile:

Give 1693S KS0B FBD a go first and see if you drive likes it. Burn 16x media at 12x and get excellent results in almost the same time as 16x.

I’m also working on an addition to the FBD patch that will allow all 8x media to burn at 12x even when no strategy exists for 12x. :wink:


sorry for my english,i search quality for this drive,what succeeds if burn 4x?I do not have haste and I can wait for,my objective is the quality!it also exists fw:kc4b for this drive,it is better or worse?thanks for help




flash with KC4B and use high quality media. burn them always at the rated speed.


I have acquired 400 verbatim dvd-r mcc 03RG20,with pioneer 107d firmware 1,21 patched by nil I have max pie 16/19 and max pif 2/4,with liteon 1673s@1693s firmware kc4b(and:js0d,ks0b) max pie 45/70 and max pif 5/10,it is a combination or are ill-fated?


I have a 1673S and I have had really great results with the…LiteOn 1673S/1693S FBDX (Dual format) Patch
if you do a search you can probably find the link if you want to try it. If you want some advice if you decide to try it do a few burns at 8x to let it learn then try a 12x burn. I couldn’t believe how much better it was.