Best External Enclosure

Could you please give me any specific recommendations (make and model) of external enclosures for a nec 3500? I know there are many out there but am having difficulty differentiating. Thanks!

Use the search function of the forums.
an enclosure using an Oxford chipset is generally recommended.

search external enclosures in the NEC forum. I believe I read someone who had trouble with the USB 2 (they had firewire/USB 2, firewire usually doesn’t have any problem) and they said if I remember right the bytec at Newegg worked, but do a search.

I’d like to have a LAN/SATA/USB/1394 portable case with two bays with features of playing multimedia files from MP3 to HD-DVD. There are some HDD-based players but they accept only HDDs. There are some DVD-Video standalone players but they can’t record to DVD inside the box and don’t have built-in HDD bay.

Thanks for the replys. I did do a search and as wesociety stated, many members recommended the Oxford chipset. Someone did recommend the Kingswin KH-525UF-S. However I was looking for any more of your opinions of any other makes or models of enclosures that have known to be successful for the NEC 3500. Thanks!

Perhaps using existing threads for same kind of questions will be better because it makes using the forum a lot easier. For one unit, I think most DVD writers are compatible with most external USB/1394/SATA/SCSI enclosures. I haven’t seen any that isn’t actually.

Refer to this post:
I’ve recently purchased the Cosmos Super Link USB 2.0 External Enclosure, and it works great. Functional, cheap, and cool looking in my opinion! With my setup, I’ve actually been getting great speed. I could burn a cd-r 700 mb in around 2:36. The chipset is Ali. As far as I know Ali and Amd are affiliated. 4X Dvd-rs single layer 4.7gb in around 8:00 minutes. Only downside, is that it is slightly noisy due to the built-in fan systems and the side wire mesh for extra cooling. Try it out without spending too much. I’m running WinXP Pro SP1 and Nero My drive is the Nec 3500A.

Thanks NScythe. I have checked the forums via search, and have yet to fine many people with specific models they recommend for speeds at 8x or 12x buring. Most people are recommending firewire (oxford 1911) chipset. I just wondered if anyone has had any good experiences with the NEC 3500 in a specific enclsure. Thanks again for all of your replys.

The truth is that people keep saying that firewire is faster and better than usb. It is true that firewire uses less cpu than usb. However, since both firewire and usb bandwidths are so much higher than eide/atapi; it really doesn’t matter what interface you go with. External enclosures are built to convert normal eide to either usb, sata, firewire, etc… But, since your drive (Nec 3500A) is natively eide, its bandwidth will not exceed this eide bandwidth. Therefore, its bandwidth will not even come close to that of usb or firewire. Usb and firewire interfaces in such cases as external enclosures just provide a means of useful conversion between the respective interfaces. Simply put and in real world situations, you’ll expect to see similar performances from either usb or firewire as you use them via the eide-to-usb/firewire chipset present in external enclosures. So when someone tells you that one interface is better than another, it’s really not so when it comes right down to real world applications. Theory and practice are usually never the same. Pick a chipset that suits your needs, but do so with the mindset “how will it perform in the real world and not in theory?”. I think the firewire chipset is a great way to go since it uses less cpu, and not because it is that much faster than usb. The brand Bytecc at in the “external enclosures” category of the store usually offers both firewire and usb on the same chipset (Oxford). That way if you can’t pick one or the other, you can have the best of both worlds. Later.

BTW: Whether you can burn at 8X or 12X has nothing to do with a particular model or brand of external enclosures. It has to do more with your drive specs , system resources, cpu, drivers, quality of media, etc… In my case as I have previously mentioned, I am running the Nec 3500A in the Cosmos Super-Link Usb 2.0 External Enclosure (Ali chipset). With it, I’ve been able to burn 8X full 4.7 GB DVD-Rs in around 8 mins. This is normal for 8X burning. Media rated to burn at 8X will normally take 8-10 minutes to burn when full. I burned a Verbatim 4X DVD-R at 8X in around 9 minutes at times as well.

I am looking for a usb2 and a firewire enclosure that will allow me to take advantage of my new NEC 3500. Can you give me a suggestion as what i want. I have searched and searched but it looks like all of the Oxfird chipsets are the “A” series, which i understand are not firmware upgradeable. Any suggestions would be appreicated.

Dertb, have you looked at my prior posts? I think that I had already recommended some external enclosures. I’m not sure where you got the information that the Oxford chipset based external enclosures can’t be upgradeable to newer firmwares. That’s nonsense! Get an external enclosure first, than repost and I or others will try to help you with upgrading the firmware. There’s a useful utility called uniflash. Try visiting the Nec forum to learn more about it in the meantime. If I recalled correctly, it should be under the firmware and modding link thread in the Nec forum. BTW: a firewire enclosure is a good choice since it uses less cpu cycles and maintains better speed than usb ones. However, like I said before, you’ll hardly notice any real difference in overall performance between firewire and usb in real world applications. Furthermore, both usb and firewire interfaces have bandwidths that far surpass eide/atapi that it really doesn’t matter if you pick one over the other, firewire, usb, or both. Later.

Correction: The link for uniflash:

So I have narrowed it down to the following USB/Firewire enclosures:

  1. EuroCom ME-350U2F
  2. Plumax PM-525C2
  3. Kingwin KH-525-UF
  4. Bytecc ME-340U2F

Which enclosure is best in your opinions? Thanks again for your replies.


Have you been able to burn 12x on your enclosure?

Dondulah, if I were to pick which is best in my opinion: 1. Kingwin (Aluminum for good cooling and Kingwin has been a big player in cooling devices and enclosures for sometime now. It’s the only one that can do horizontal and vertical stands. I like the blue lights as well.) 2. Plumax appears to be very feature rich for a great price. 3. Eurocom is packed with features as well. I just don’t like its look. Description doesn’t appear to give ability to daisy chain as well unlike the Plumax. Price is a slight turnoff as well when compared to the Plumax which has all if not similar features. 4. Bytecc is last since it doesn’t look like it carries the Oxford chipset. No mention of it in the description. A pity, Bytecc usually supports the Oxford chipset and is very popular among fellow members. However the description of this particular model is limited. If it turns out to support the Oxford chipset 911 or 920 then I would place it in second place. I pick the Kingwin overall. I’ve owned many Kingwin products that work well and for a decent price. Kingwin is the biggest name in your list. But I didn’t pick it base solely on the name. In this case, the Kingwin offers features that I like in an external enclosure. It can do both vertical and horizontal stands. It is made out of aluminum which is light and an effective coolant. The blue lights would look great burning at night. The price is not too shabby either. Only one real obvious downside, there’s no mention of the supported chipset on the Kingwin’s description.

Anyway, I haven’t burned at 12X yet. I haven’t purchased media rated at 12X and or 8X media that can burn at 12X. As soon as I get the cash, I may try it out though. Right now, I’m burning mostly 4X Verbatim DVD-R at 8X (MCC media code). So far my external enclosure is holding its own. I may get another external enclosure that supports both usb and firewire as in your case later down the line.

NScythe thank you for your reply. I emailed Bytecc sales for the chipset info. I was able to find out from the Kingwin website that they use the Cypress chipset for USB and Oxford for the firewire. I will wait to make a decision when I hear from Bytecc. Thanks, Dondulah

dondulah ? any updates ? what did you go for ? what results ?

kindly let us know… thanks.

@NScythe: Could we see a read scan from ur external solution. I’m trying for some time now and haven’t found the right chipset yet.
The OX911(FW) is limited at 10x DVD since it is not able to activate DMA Modes on ATAPI devices.
I also testet a Cypress …68300A Chipset for USB2, no more that 6xDVD with ATAPI devices.
Both were pretty fast with harddisks attached.

I’m at the point to buy a external recorder like the LG (~135€) and put the NEC drive into it, selling the LG to someone else.

See the attached. This is with a Bytecc 340U2F using the Firewire port. I get a burst speed of 22MB. The enclosure has a Prolific PL3507 chipset, works great with my 16X NEC 3500A.

The following results are from Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.40. Ali Chipset. SuperLink Cosmos 2.0 Usb External Enclosure. It’s not a full disk, so I would expect to see some drop off near the end. In addition, a usb solution doesn’t seem to maintain the consistency of firewire. For example, some people are using firewire, but their burst rates are usually around 21+ mb. My enclosure does 21 mb exactly quite often. Furthermore, the only real obvious negative of an usb solution is the higher cpu cycles which I forgot to show in the test. But in terms of real world application and performance both firewire and usb offer similar results since they both offer much higher bandwidth than eide. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter which way you decide to go. However, firewire does it more consistently and with less cpu usage. I may look for a firewire solution in the future. I just bought the usb solution to learn a little bit about external enclosures.

But, I’m happy with my usb solution so far. I can burn 12X, but haven’t try 16X just yet for the discs are still too expensive. Verbatims 4X DVD+R and 4X DVD-R Digital Movie Reels are the only discs that I’ve tried so far as well.

Oops! I used the Verbatim 4X DVD+R Digital Movie Reel with Booktype set to DVD-ROM. Like I said before, the numbers really don’t say much since the usb isn’t as consistent. Sometimes my numbers will be just as good if not better than firewire. And sometimes not. I look at the overall trend to make the final judgement. So far, the Ali Chipset though it may not be the best often offers me the good burning experience. Later.

PS: Firmware is TDK 2C8. Other firmwares offer better numbers, but weren’t as stable on my system. Herrie’s 2.17 was really fast for example, but I kept getting Nero CD/DVD Speed lockups and the total screen, mouse, freeze. This would occur in Nero Burning Rom as well with versions,, and Reloaded.

Sorry about not being able to post the whole Nero CD/DVD Speed screen. I don’t know how to currently. I figured that people must be using some type of screen capture software though. Hmm! I have to read up.

Writing is P-CAV, Windows XP Pro SP1.

Thank You guys, that graphs look really sweet. Now I know for what chipsets I have to go.

Just Use the Disk Symbol to save the Nero Speed Screen.