Best external enclosure 4 a pioneer 111?

hi. can sum1 recommend the best external enclosure 4 a pioneer 111 plz? ive got my eye on this 1 at mo is this any good or can sum1 recommend a better 1?

I have an old USB & firewire combo enclosure made by Bytecc. It’s either this one, or an older version of it:

Windows recognizes it as:

Prolific PL3507. I guess that must be the chipset. I use mine with firewire cable. I get burst rates of 27,000. I’m very happy with it.

Looks like you are in the UK, but this Cypress chipset is good as well:


May I remind you of your good work posted here:
As the results for the Pio 111 in a Cypress enclosure are missing, I always have assumed that this combination did not work :confused:


I think it just a glitch with the media I was using for the test burn; as the Dealsonic people list the 110 and 109 I see no reason that the 111 should not work. They are very responsive so an email would provide an answer.

is there anywhere in the uk to get one of these?