Best External DVD Writer

I’m planning to get an external dvd writer and I’ve been doing some research. From what I’ve found, all the external dvd writers pretty much suck. Another thing is firmware updates are not updated as often as firmware for internal drives. I’m looking for something that won’t fail on me. The BenQ external drives both have pretty negative comments on cdfreaks.

Thanks in advance.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t you just buy an external enclosure (firewire/usb2) and mount any internal drive there? I’d look into that because there are several internal DVD writers that do a very nice job.

I did a google with external enclosure as the keywords… (lots of results)

happy hunting :wink:

you arent wrong , anyway its best to use firewire its faster then usb and less resource hog a firewire card is cheap if your motherboard dont have it (13-21$) , there are 2 types of external enclosures 3.5 and 5.25, 3.5 for hard drives and 5.25 for optical drives a 5.25 external enclosure can also be used for hard drives

see the The big external enclosures thread

basicly the diffrences among external enclosure are:
a) material some are made from plastic and some from aluminium
aluminium is much better then plastic with heat disposition so aluminium is the better choice

b) fan, some external enclosures have a fan (40mm on 5.25 / 80mm on 3.5)
in general its better to have one with a fan as the drive might last longer if cooled,also the burns might come out bit better if the drive is cooled as heat may affect the burning quality

c) some have usb only and some have usb+firewire
d) not critical , most have an on/off switch but some doesnt