Best External DVD writer w Lightscribe

Hi All;

I need to buy an external DVD burner w lightscribe.I don’t need many features but lightscribe and preferably DVD RAM burning. The most important thing is that the burned DVD’s should last long time as they are back up of games and other files.

I am torn between getting an internal drive and external enclosure or an external drive like Liteon DX-20A3H-05.Please suggest me a reliable DVD burner available online.

Thanks in advance for help.

Welcome to the forum. There’s a whole section below on DVD burners and what people like. I like my Samsung fine. As to long lasting backups, that depends more on the blanks than the drive. Most here would suggest Verbatim or TY. There’s also a section on Blank Media. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info.I will read through the forum then.But the choices are many and making a choice is hard.