Best External DVD Burner for DVD Fab

My TEAC DVD drive is near the end of it’s days. Since I’ll be buying a new computer down the road I’m only interested in an external DVD burner. Any recomendations for useing with DVD Fab. Thanks:confused:

I got an LG GSA E60L external about 6 months ago that has been great. Especially good on DLs using the 8X Verbatims. Note: it will not do quality scans with CD/DVD Speed or DVDInfoPro. I have a Litey external for that.

I second that, Signals. I have had this drive for about the same time, and it can burn on anything, at high speeds. Verbatim DL’s have no issues at all, even the ones made in India (yes - I did get a batch of them once).

[quote=HAMsmoke;2134106] even the ones made in India.[/quote]That’s good to know, thanks. An excellent drive, produces great Quality scans. I have never tried it as a reader, only as a burner.

Here’s a new angle to the question:

I own [B]region 1[/B] and [B]region 2[/B] DVDs, so I’m specifically looking for an external drive that could be patched or somehow made “region-free” so that it would be compatible with disks from both regions.

Any suggestions?

There is 3rd-party region-free firmware for many drives, but you don’t need it for making backups with DVDFab, it will read and backup any region disc on any region drive (you will have to remember to set the RCE for the disc you are copying in Common Settings). Google will usually find the firmware if you enter your drive model in the search box.

I have two NEC drives a 1300A (older one) and a NEC 3540 (think that’s right model number) and have never had any trouble with either.

The 1300A was actually a LaCIE external, connected via firewirse and the 3540 is an intenal drive.

Not sure if these’ are the best but have found to be very good.

Hi Signals, thanks for your reply, but I have found (in my very limited experience) that the drive unfortunately does make a difference! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Mat[B]SHIT[/B]a internal drive (UJ-120 BR) on my notebook that is only compatible with DVDFab if backing up region 1 disks. That’s why I’m interested in an external unit.

I’ve got my eyes on some [B]Liteon [/B] devices that I’m hoping will do the trick.