Best external drive?


For a laptop of a friend of mine, I want to buy a DVD-burner. Of course an external unit, because there is no room inside the laptop :slight_smile: . I searched through the fora here, but I couldnt find a recommendation for an external drive. I found some about an external enclosure, but I like to buy an óut-of-the-box’ external writer.
Which drive is the way to go? USB or firewire doesn’t matter.

This Liteon is one of the most versitile and is priced reasonably. Also a decent burner. Everything I have done with firewire and USB indicates there is no practical benefit either way.

Yep my SHM-165P6SX been working great and been very happy with it :slight_smile:

Well, I looked if I could find it somewhere here in The Netherlands, but I did not find a shop which sells this drive. Do you know if it has maybe another name outside the US?
And what do you think of the BenQ EW164B?

Could the drive you’ve mentioned be the ‘SHM-165P6SU’? I found it on the European Lite-On IT site


That looks like the same drive in a more expensive case with back up features. For basic burning, it should function the same, just costs more.

If the cost difference is significant, I have seen users here with very good results from this model:

In that case, I’d really prefer getting an internal SHM-165P(H)6S and a Cypress AT2 based USB enclosure instead of an external 1635.


I just found out that also the external Lite-On drive I mentioned, is not (yet) available in The Netherlands. So I think I want the SHM-165P6S with an Cypress AT2 based external enclosure. However, does someone know where I can find which external enclosure uses which chipset? Because I can’t find which are using Cypress AT2.

Well, finally I bought a SHM-165P6S and an AT2+ external enclosure. Hopefully, it will reach the desired transfer rate through USB. If I understand correctly, the 165P6S already is running in UDMA 4 mode?


This should work. I have been running the same configuration, and Liteon’s retail external drives are based on the same components.

If I understand correctly, the 165P6S already is running in UDMA 4 mode?
Yes, the 165P6S (and his brothers) support UDMA 4 mode.