Best External CDROM drive?

I’m looking to build a very small, portable computer out of the EPIA mini-itx motherboard

The purpose is to build a ripping machine that I can carry into the public library and rip CD albums each weekend.

The CPU power of the mini-itx board isn’t very good for encoding mp3’s, so I think I’ll be only interested in Ripping the wav files to an external hard drive. Then I’ll take the 120+ GB drive home and encode on my main machine.

So my question to you is what drive provides the best, fastest, and most accurate ripping?
I’ll be using EAC in secure mode, generating log files to ensure accuracy.

At the moment, I’d think I’d rather go with firewire vs. USB2.0. That is up for debate though.
(It can also be a CDROM/CD-R/CD-RW drive, doesn’t matter. I’m sure it’s hard to find a CDROM-only unit anyway!)
Cost isn’t really a factor either.

Also, can anyone see any problems with speed by ripping a music CD from an external CDROM drive, TO an external hard drive?



How about external CDROM drives that you guys currently use-- Happy with them? Getting good rips from them? Anyone?

You can basically use any IDE device if you have a mobile IEEE1394 case.

I have not been using mobile brackets that much , but most have a terrible performance regarding data transfer speeds.

Reliability is as much reliable as the ide device put in the case of course.

Philips offers the JackRabbit 2 device , which is an USB 2.0 which can write CD’s and play CD’s , DVD’s (even standalone !). It comes around 250 euro’s so it might be a thing to think about.

In general , cd writers are pretty good in at ripping music files at high speed.