Best External Box for LiteOn DVD+RW?

hi, i can’t afford to buy another dvd+rw or get an external one, so i was wondering what’s the best external box i can get for my LiteOn 451S, i’d live at school and would like to take my dvd+rw home w/ me on the weekends and backup my server. i was wondering which ones you guys prefer and if the data transfer is still as fast as it is compared to internal IDE. i know there’s USB 2.0 boxes, but which ones are actually good? thanks!

I use a laptop and burn fine from my internal hard drive and external firewire hard drive to my usb2 411 at 4x. recommendation is to get one with an NEC chipset as opposed to the ALI chipset. Warning, not all usb2 cases were created equal! I found out the hard way, I’m on my 3rd.

which one do you use w/ the NEC chipset? most i’ve found have the Ali. thanks.

I’m in the UK and picked up mine at a local computer fair. I just walked from vendor to vendor asking for an NEC until I got one. If ur in the US/Canada, I think the moderator over at highly recommends cases from ADS-tech. Dependin on where u are, maybe u could try a google search for one near u or sumthing. let’s know what’s up.

thanks for the tip. i just put in “external usb 2.0 NEC chipset” and immediately got a “Syba” external enclosure as a choice w/ an NEC chipset. i’m in the US and i mainly choose NewEgg to buy from. but they don’t carry the “Syba” and also don’t really list the chipsets on the external enclosures. but good thing DealSonic did. the most popular one happens to be one called “Bytecc” and has gotten great reviews, i was actually going to buy that one, but it’s got an Ali chipset. i guess i’ll go for the Syba box since has the NEC chipset. i remember Ali making chipsets for motherboards and that never really took off. thanks for your help.

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