Best Exp. w/3500 and/or Pioneer 108

Need some help making a decision on the Nec 3500 or the Pioneer 108. I hope this want be a biased comparison :stuck_out_tongue: I am skepticle about the 108 because I heard it only burns at 5x locked. I want some fast reliable burns with 8x media at 12x speed on +r and -r and want the best drive to backup my xbox games. Can you guys help me out with some decision making facts.



At a price point of $76 + $4 shipping from - the NEC ND-3500A(G) is a bargain- (I bought two)-

Work real good and are quiet AND you get 48x CD-R-

Pioneer 108 is good too - but the 3500 is better IMHO-


I think you’re confused radman64, the pio 108’s ripping speed is locked at 5X not the burn speed.

Bitsetting (something I’ve come to require) is what makes the NEC 3500 my pick of the two.