Best Example of Holiday Kindness!

Hi All

Here’s the rules! Give us an example of random acts of kindness you’ve witnessed or done this Holiday Season.

Mine was: My Family and I were on our way home from Visiting the In-Laws in Tennessee during Christmas. We arrived in Lake County Ohio (home) about 11:00pm and we had received a whole boat load of snow and ice. I knew it snowed while we were gone but, not that much.
With all the snow we got (about 18 - 20 inches) we never would have been able to get up the driveway. With the snow plows plowing the streets the front edge of the driveway would of had approximately 30 inches of snow and ice. But when we arrived at the house my neighbor had Cleaned our driveway out for us so we could get in. That was one of the best Christmas presents I recieved in years. We had them over the next day for Dinner and Wine to say thanks.

There is still kind people in the world today.:bow: :bow: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: