BEST etting for BenQ DW1800 Drive_Using Qsuite or LiteON SmartBurn Media Check v3116?

Hi all

I recently get one BenQ DW1800 and flashedd to the latest Oficial ZB37 Firmware (From BenQ-China-Oficial-WebPage)…and I am aware that the 1800 is a rebadged Lite-ON LH-18A1P…However I read somewhere in the forum that Crossflashing the LH-18A1P to Benq 1800 firmware gives better burns, anyone knows why?

I also would like to know what are the BEST setting for this 1800 drive?..

I am currently using SmartBurn Media Check v3.1.16 from Liteon and Qsuite from BenQ, but I am a little confuse!

With SmarBurn I Get:

Support SmartBurn Disable function: YES

SmartBurn Function is Disabled: YES


Support HyperTunning Function: NO

So I am not able to use HyperTunung or OverSpeed?

However using QSuite2.1 I Get I apparently could change SolidBurn for Supported and also for Unknown Disc!

So Thats why I would like some recommendations on how to set my BenQ1800 to the BEST settings…It is better to Enable and Use SmartBurn and also HyperTuning always and Forever?

Thanks for help

Use SmartBurn 3.1.16T instead. :wink:

Thanks for answer…where do I find this 3.1.16T version of SmartBurn??

Thanks for the Link!!

Since I really dont understand to much about SmartBurn and HyperTuning, I would like some recommendations on how to set my BenQ1800 to the BEST settings…

Do I will have to Enable (Check Mark in SmartBurn 3.1.16T) Both SmartBurn and also HyperTuning ?

Thanks again for help!!

turn hypertuning for sure :wink: online hyper tunings slower :slight_smile:

Ok …Then I will use hypertunig…However my BenQ1800 dont let me select
Hypertunig (Using SmartBurn 3.1.16T)…

I should I do…Use any other Utility to enable Hypertuning or may be CrossFlash my BenQ 1800 to LiteON LH-18A1P?

What about SmartBurn?..Do you think is better to turn it ON?