Best error correction in disc drives?

What are some disc drives which are proven to have excellent damage handling and error correction?

Does it depend on software or on hardware too? The software part could be manipulated.

In my limited experience, the current best drives for handling problematic dvd discs is the Samsung SH-224GB (or FB) drives.

These are the last two internal drive models before TSST filed for bankruptcy last year.

For audio cds, it depends on whether the problematic stuff is due to deliberate drm or whether it is due to disc damage (ie. scratches, etc…).

As an isolated case of deliberate drm, LiteOn drives seem to be able to handle some audio cds with “cactus data shield” drm.

This particular variety of drm used deliberate bad sectors, which were originally meant to trip up then-current computer cd/dvd drives circa early->mid 2000s, but would otherwise play + sound fine on standalone audio cd players. (The latter is debatable).

I don’t know much about LiteOn’s implementation details, but somehow it appears the cd section of LiteOn drives since the late-2000s, was hardcoded to recognize this type of deliberate bad sectors drm on audio cds with cactus data shield.

My Samsung and LG drives have a harder time dealing with these same audio cds encoded with cactus data shield.

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Toshiba and Samsung are not nearly bankrupt.

Do these problems depend on speed too?

But they do not make optical drives. Their activities in this field were concentrated in the TSST joint venture and TSST is now gone.

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Pioneer markets their BDR-211UBK for excellent error correction.

In my experiments, SE208 and especially LG BU20 had truly astonishing error correction.
But in several cases, drive A beats drive B, in other cases vice versa.

Not really.

Using a cd ripping program like EAC in one of the secure modes, it ends up rereading the sectors which are deliberately corrupted by cactus data shield. It gets very slow anyways, since the placement of the deliberate bad sectors is regular and frequent (and really annoying).

Also an old thread on here about TSST ceasing operations.

I haven’t had as much success with Pioneer drives when it comes to handling problematic dvd discs.

For the few problematic dvd discs I have which the TSST drives can handle, my Pioneer drives choke on these same problematic discs. (This is a very small sample size, and is not representative more generally).

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Why do drives choke in first place?
Why can’t they not choke among (making) hammer sounds?

I meant the rotation speed of the disc.
I have recnetly bought an audiobook with four discs, each of them are affected:

At around 50 minutes, the following happens:

  • Reading at Ă—4 CLV: not more errors than anywhere else on the disc.
  • Reading at Ă—24 CAV: Up to 2000 C2 error between 50 and 55 minutes.
  • Reading at Ă—48 CAV: Up to 160000 C2 errors between 50 and 55 minutes.

cdparanoia unfortunately does not try varying speeds, ignores C2 errors and does not know VCDs/SVCDs/CVD with Mode2 Form2 yet.