Best Error Correcting Drive

Dear fellow members ,

I’m confused and need your help

Normally I don’t post anywhere else then in the NEC forum buth this problem is not NEC related but general

Like many of us my DVD collection is growing rapidly and when I try to read old written DVD’s I get problems from time to time

I have been told that 1 of the best DVD Drives for reading old/scratched/cheap media is the Plextor PX-712A (wich I own) but it’s weird cuz its just this drive that gives the most unrepairable read error’s

I also own a Plextor PX-116 DVD-ROM and a NEC 3520 at the moment

My findings are that the PX-116 is the best reader of the 3 followed by the 3520 NEC and then the PX-712

Now the question ,I have numerous DVD’s that are unreadable in the 3 Drives but play perfectly in my Standalone Devices , most of them are scratch free even

Wich DVD-ROM of Writer (it doesn’t matter what) has THE BEST error correctional ability ???

I find it to be the PX-116 in my own experience and definitely NOT the PX-712 as been told

I’d like to purshase me an “Ultimate Reader” in order to recover parts of my DVD-collection :frowning:

sd-r5372 TOSHIBA
try it&be HaPpy…#)

Old Pioneer A06 is one of my best reader, then Toshiba DVD-ROM 1712 , Pioneer A08 . My worst is the NEC 2500 !

None of those drives are sold in these parts of Belgium :frowning:

Gee I don’t know what everybody is using as their “ripper” but mine is my Pioneer DVR-107D @ DVR-A07XL - EXCELLENT error correction abilities on both CD and DVD.


This is a very difficult question to answer.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no single best reader in the market.

Some are very good at tolerating high levels of jitter, while some fail with badly eccentric discs.

Some have better error correction for bursts (like scratches), while others have better for random errors.

IMHO, good readers are:

LiteOn SOHW-16x3s series (1653s, 1673s, etc.)
BenQ DW16x0 series (1600, 1620, etc)
Pioneer DVR-10x series (107, 108, 109, etc)
AOpen DVD-1648/AAP (dvd-rom)

perhaps other models (I haven’t read reviews for all, nor tested them all myself).