Best email program..........?

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Hi everyone. This is Melle and I’m a new member and this is my first post. I hope I’m putting this question re email in the proper area. If not, please feel free to move it where it’s suppose to be.

I use to use Microsoft Outlook with Office XP and I like it very much. But lately, it’s not been working properly and I can’t seem to fix it and I’m not that crazy about outlook express and incredimail cause they don’t give me what I want in options. Someone had told me about Eudora and others. Have you any comments? Which one do you use and why? I have a 2 gmail accounts and 2 of my isp accounts that I use with my email program or client. Please tell me in your opinion which you would use.

Thank you for your answers and comments.

I use Thunderbird, primarily for the available extensions and spam controls. It’s no good for newsgroups. Mozilla ware is great for folks who like to pop the hood and fiddle with stuff.

I use Opera it has a built in transfer and email addons which make it a snap to download torrents and check my mail all while surfing here too :wink:

oh wait i didn’t answer your question…i use gmail for my email.:wink:

I use Outlook Express, but I’m switching to Thunderbird in the next couple of days. :slight_smile:

i quit using email clients about 3 or 4 years ago…went to webmail…they scan for viruses for me…:smiley:

if i had to use one it would be thunderbird…very user friendly w/ a lot of options…OE is a nightmare…Pegasys actually is quite nice also…The Bat is ok but kinda complicated


I am using outlook express and I like it. It has the options I need and I just got very used to it…

Been using Hotmail since 1998. I don’t like gmail & yahoo’s interface. I occasionally use Outlook for certain things. I used to use Hushmail, but stopped because I had problems accessing it from the work place.

gmail has done me well for the last couple of years
hotmail which I´d been on since 98 was from time to time unstable/unavailable…maybe better now
yahoo had too much spam…maybe better now

There are a few others…I know some German ones which give you up to 10 GB free

A few years back i bought a license for Incredimail. It looks a little like outlook and comes with a ton of features you actually do not need, but it supports multiple email addresses and is easily configurable.

The disadvantages are the popups about new templates and the not-free-anymore spamprotector.

I’ve been using Pegasus Mail for years.