Best editor/author tool(s)?

Hi newb to the dvd world… just picked up a NEC 3500A. I’ve got some stuff in .avi and .mpg I’d like to throw onto a dvd, a couple files per disc. I was wondering what the best tool to convert it to dvd format would be? Also I’d like if possible to add a simple menu structure with a background and some little buttons for the different files on the disc, as well as maybe chapters and stuff. What would be the best program to use to accomplish this? And can I just burn with nero when I’m done?


For the mpg’s, all you probably need is DVDLab. It will author them and let you add chapter and menus.

The avi’s need to be converted first to mpeg2, see the Tutorial in the Video section on how to do that.

Thanks a bunch gonna give it a run right now.