Best Editing Software?



As I said a few weeks ago I have a lot of elderly VHS tapes that I want to get onto DVDs and then put into some sort of chronological order with titles and a voice over. I finished up with DVDs carrying two primary folders marked, Video_TS and Video_RM. The Video _RM did nothing but the Video_TS had a number of files marked BUP IFO and VOB. The VOB files being the important ones.
I then attempted to import the VOB files into MS Movie Maker and it told me to sod off or rather that I needed to convert the VOB files into MPEG or AVI and that was a tortuous process. What was even more tortuous is that MS Movie Maker will not burn a new DVD so there is another process to go through.
I was then told the Nero will do the lot including edit but as a novice I found the process difficult but at least I did not have to convert the VOB files.

Having picked the brains of this forum I had started to understand the process I wanted to use so I keyed in “Best Editing Software” and variations of that theme into the web which came up with a number of suggestions: came up with Adobe Premiere Pro came u with PowerDirector came up with Ulead VideoStudio9

Pinnacle Studio Plus (Titanium Edition Special Anniversary Pack)

This forum also came up with a number of suggestions so bearing in mind that I am a novice would anyone care to pick what they consider the most appropriate package for me to use.


Premiere Pro is a powerful editing package, but is not simple to learn. It is also very expensive. Have you looked at the consumer level Adobe program called Premiere Elements?

I don’t know how PowerDirector got such a good review. Every program I’ve seen from Cyberlink (outside of PowerDVD) sucks rocks. I would stay very far away from this.

Ulead gets quite a few recommendations in these forums. I haven’t used their newer programs, just a few that came with one of my dvd burners. I understand they have improved quite a bit.

If you already have the full Nero burning suite, you can save some money and use Nero Vision. If you found the process difficult in Nero, I would definitely stay away from the more professional programs until you get a better feel for the process.

Download the trial of Premiere Elements and see if it fits your needs.


May folks have found that the Ulead line of programs work extremely well. As to “converting” VOB to MPEG. It already is MPEG, you can simply re-name the files. However, most DVD-video is broken into 1 GB files so it’s better to use a program that will import the entire DVD (whether it’s on disc or on the HD in a folder). Any decent authoring tool will import an entire DVD.

If you wish to have one big MPEG file to work with, just use DVDShrink to rip the DVD, with Shrink set to create one VOB instead of breaking it into 1 GB chunks. Then just re-name the VOB to MPG, and you’re set to re-author. If you already have DVD-video, and you simply want to re-author with minimal editing, you can use most anything for that. It really depends on how much editing you need to do, and what type of editing.

Suggest you download a free trial of Ulead DVD Movie Factory and check it out. If you need a more robust editor, Ulead VidioStudio 10+ would be the choice. If all you need is a simple authoring program with limited editing capability, suggest TMPGEnc-Author 1.6.


I second CDan’s suggestion of DVD Movie Factory. At the moment it is the best all-round application for ripping/editing/burning material that you already have on DVD.

Otherwise, if you want separate programs for each stage:[ol]
[li] DVD Decrypter is a great basic ripper for getting footage off the disc for editing[/li][li] Womble MPEG Video Wizard is a great video editor for chopping out and rearranging sections[/li][li] DVD Movie Factory is a great authoring application for preparing the edited footage and burning it back to DVD-Video[/li][/ol]


If I am not mistaken the new Premiere Pro version can edit MPEG files. Personally I use Womble MPEG Video Wizard 2006, it has titling function, filters, cool 3D effects, etc… Stay away from bloated buggy and slow ULEAD software. I always use now Pegasys DVD Author Pro to author my DVDs with menus - It has a built-in function to “IMPOT” a DVD-VIDEO or DVD-VR, retaining all chapters or not, and allows you to convert a specific title of a DVD VIDEO into an MPG file you can later edit.