Best DVDs to buy ? Help needed!

Since i’ve recently bought some verbatim 16x MCC03rg20 Prodic DVDs and the results i got after burning some of them aren’t any good (problems with home dvd player which i’ve never had before , [video skips , freeze ecc … ]with real MCC MIS and CMC verbatim discs) i decided to change brand .

I live in italy and can buy online from os-mediatrade and

What are the best dvd-r ? I read in the forum that TYG02 are very good , but the thing that worries me is the silver surface . I’ve had bad experieces with silver media .

Svp sells verbatim with tyg02 codes but now are out of stock, os-mediatrade sells the silver unbranded TYG02 . Are the verbatim tyg02 better than unbranded TYG02 ?

And what about TYG03 ?

Can someone give me a help chosing the right dvd to buy ?
I don’t care about the price as long as the media i buy are high quality media and lasts through the years .

Thanks .

I’m surprised that you have problems with the Verbs.

What burner do you have & what speed do you burn at, cos you shouldn’t be having these problems?

Personally I favour the Verb +R 8x (TY T02) and 16x (MCC004). Also the Plextor branded 16x +R (TY T03) burn very well on my burners.

Hmmm if verbatim don’t work, I wonder what burner + speed you are using. Perhaps you don’t need new media and we can help you with newer firmware or something.

Please tell us your model of dvd writer and current firmware and we can suggest the best discs for it :slight_smile:

Listen, there’s 100 of this exact topic right before your nose. Don’t expect to find anything that wasn’t said 10 times yesterday or today. Read those topics instead…

Btw. When you read those topics think about what burner you use, what speed you use and what firmware you use. Personally i never had a problem with 02rg30. Bad QS perhaps but never a non working disc…

(Sorry for beeing a bit impatient with so many repetitive posts these days :wink: )

I completely understand your opinion .
I read all the posts related to TY media , but there’s so meny different opinions that’s quite difficult for me to decide which one do buy .
I just wanted a hint from someone with more experience than me for not wasting my money buying wrong media .
I always boutght verbatim and never had problem at all . Now i would like to try Taiyo but don’t know which kind to buy. Somebody said that silver TY are not that good , sombody that it’s the best media money can buy .

However i have a brand new Sony DRU820A burner , firmware 1.0c and i write all my discs at 2x or maximum 4x .

That’s probably a mistake. Modern DVD burners with modern DVD media are optimized for mid-to-high speed burning. I wouldn’t go below 4x burning unless tests show it to be necessary, and for mosts media/drive combinations I wouldn’t go below 6x with 8x being my preferred burning speed.

Contrary to popular myth on the Internet, slower isn’t necessarily better, and slowest can easily be the worst burning speed for high-speed media.

Here are my most used media types currently:

Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC004) - this is my “workhorse” media
Plextor 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03)
Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02)

And I burn all of them at 6x or 8x depending on the burner.

I burn all my 16x media at 12x and get very good results.

I even found that the Taiyo Yuden TY T02 8x media would give excellent results at 16x in my Benq but that really was only testing as I burn these at 8x.

Thanks for the hint , i always tought that the slower was the better so i burned almost my dvds at 2x , 4x . I switched to 16x media only a few months ago when a changed my burner ( before i used to burn dvds with a good old sony dru510a).

i’ll try to re-burn my latest dvds at higher rates to see if i get the same problems with my player .

[B]TimC :[/B]

which kind of ty u use ?

what u think about the silver 8x TY02 unbranded ?

If that’s +R TY T02 then they could be very good provided they’re genuine. I don’t know much about the TY G02 -Rs which SVP have at the moment but I’d guess they’d be pretty good as well.

I only use the +R’s and have decent stock of TY 8X and Plextor branded TY T03’s. All are excellent.

Most I have is 16x +Rs which are MCC004 either Verbatim or Infiniti branded.

Out of all these I don’t have particular favourite as they’re all very good.