Best dvdrw make out now what new drive to get?


i am looking to get some new drives got a older LG on the way but would like a new drive or 2

so whats good whats not so good

thanks for the info and help


I read all reviews of different brands on CDFreaks as well as problems posted in threads there, and the Pioneer 111D is best overall for DVD backups with fewer user problems reported IMO. The only disadvantage to Pioneer is it’s not a good scanner if scanning is important which it is not to me. The Pioneer 111D may be cross flashed to 111L to gain bit setting if desired. FYI shows Pioneer DVR-710 (DVR-111) for $25 after rebate or $15 after rebate with Google checkout.

thanks for the info

i am in the uk

got a Pioneer 111D . but was looking for a new dvdrw drive thats new but good :slight_smile:


A new LG or Samsung.