Best DVDR-RW for backin up PS2

so i’m considering buying a dvd burner but am torn between 3 of em out right now. I’d mainly be using them to backup my ps2 collection. I’ve heard the nec 2500ad is the best for writes but it sucks at reading…and then there’s the pioneer which is about the same as the nec 2500 but a bit more expensive…and then theres the nu tech DW081 which is going to have MT Rainer support in the future via a firmware upgrade. How important is that anyway? I know there’s been threads about this topic before but no one ever seems to reach a consensus lol.

Any Help?!

Mt. Raineer is a non factor for me. It’s won’t be usable until the next Windows OS (longhorn) comes out anyway. AFAIK that’s still a year or more away. Are you going to be upgrading to it right when it comes out? Probably not. Which puts us at 2+ years away. By that time you might want to get a Dual-layer burner anyway.

So all in all, myself I would even consider Mr. Raineer a factor in buying a DVD burner.