Best DVDR media and Where to buy

I have a Plextor 712A, and I am looking for decent 8x DVDRs (doesnt matter if its -/+), and where is the best online shop to buy them from?


Anything with Taiyo Yuden dye is generally considered the best.


Most DVDR media wont say what dye they use. Please be specific on the brand. I am not looking for the best, just something thats decent and doesn’t cost too much.

…And where online is the best shop for them. (at least price wise)

ok well now you are changing your requirements. The best is expensive for obvious reasons, but if you don’t want to spend too much then i would say verbatim are a good bet.

Price comes down to where you live and what’s available to you. Check out the bargain basement sub-forum to find the best deals on current media. BeAll’s are low cost and one of the best. If money doesnot matter than get TY’s or Verbatim is by far the best for any hardware for the computer … lowest prices, free shipping … what more could you ask for … and every DVD+R RIDATA disc ive bought hasnt turned into a coaster yet

What Vender on Newegg is good???

RIDATA(dvd+r) both 4x and 8x work great, boughten 100 and NO coasters

I picked up some Ridata 8X DVD+R, but my 2510A would only burn at 4X? Have not found anything that will actually burn at 8X, but have only had it a couple of weeks and have not tried that many yet.

yeah i had the same problem wyattj, but i upgraded firmware on my liteon and works like a charm now

Thanks, will have to look into that.