Best DVDFab Xbox 360 settings

I am currently evalauation DVDFab and like it thus far but I’m curious how to get the best quality for Xbox 360 use? Currently what I do is create the Audio and Video Files and use the DVD to Mobile option, select Generic and use the Xvid Audio settings at default. When I try to view these on my Xbox 360 it’s very grainy when set to widescreen, but when I set to Navite it’s very small but clear. As you can probably tell I’m new to this but would love for my 400+ DVD collection to be accessible via Windows Home Server and to my Xbox’s (I have 3). What can I do to get the best picture quality? It seems that DVDfab’s screen sizes need to be larger so I don’t get pixels movies.

Can someone please share with me who have encountered this very same issue how they resolved this or did you use something other than DVDFab?

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