Best dvdburner for dvd+r TY medier?



Hello guys …

My current dvdburner (benq 1655) sucks big time. It fails almost every burn, and that is with the best disk out there TY (real once!).

Burn dvd+r disk
Be the best to burn .iso files
And support TY medier

The burner is Primaly use to burn .iso files. (backup movies). So what drives is the best for that. And only that ?? And speed doesen’t matter. Quality…Quality…Quality.Quality.Quality.QualityQuality alwaysnn :wink:

In my country the Pextor is the most expensive burner. But is it also the best?

Please give me some help…


Have you tried other media with the drive? it maybe media problem or you have faulty drive/PC setup problem.


Yes, I have tried other media as well. Verbitam DVD+R 16x… still lots off errors =/

And I talk with the shop where I bought it. And they say that I can switch it with new one, after my choise. So … I can get a hole new drive for free…

[B]Then I was thinking if there was a 1st class burner for TY media DVD+R? [/B]



BenQ drives usually give very good write quality with good quality TY media. I would try replacing your BenQ for a new BenQ to see if the drive was defective as both my BenQs have always given good write quality with good media.


ok …

So you don’t think I should try out “Plextor PX-760SA” ??

Its running S-ATA and I like try oit that as well… see if that is better for my pc


You can if that is what you require but I personally have a concern about the writing quality on the 760/755 drives.