Best DVD9 --> DVD5 transcoding aplication?

Hi. I was wondering which would be the best application to make a DVD9 --> DVD5 transcoding.
I have heard of Clone DVD, Clone DVD 2, DVD Shrink, DVD95Copy, DVD2One, DVD Rebuilder and many others and I was wondering: which would be the highest quality transcoder?
So far I’m usiing DVD Shrink a lot, but I’m wondering if I’m wasting too much DVD quality, even by choosing its ‘highest quality’ settings (“Deep scan” and so on).
Please note: my problem does not lie in DVD ripping or in the time expense (until about a night, that is about 10-12 hours, is for me a decent time, if needed to make a very high DVD9 (on my hard disk) --> DVD5 (on another folder of my HD)) conversion.
I’m not concerned about a few tenths dollars’ expense, and about the usage difficulty (I’m a rather expert user and, luckily, there are lots of tutorials).
I own CCE, so even DVD Rebuilder could be an interesting application.
By my questions are:

  1. which are the best transcoding application(s)?
  2. which are the best settings, to obtain a high quality’s DVD5?
  3. how much time will I need, to convert from a DVD9 set to a DVD5 set, for an average 2h movie, using a decent (not older than 1 year from now) computer?
  4. can all ripped DVD be transcoded by the application you suggest?
  5. which are the drawbacks of the suggested application(s)?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not going into argue about this or that app being better, fastes or easier to use. It all depends on your preferences and experience/knowledge.

I prefer DVD Rebuilder with CCE when I’m out for highest quality. DVD Shrink for all the rest. :slight_smile:

to answer the question, the top quality transcoder is probably what you’re already using…DVD shrink with all of the high quality modes, etc…but it takes forever.

if you were to ask me the quickest and easiest transcoder, I’d say clonedvd2.

you mention DVD Rebuilder. This will give you better quality, but it’s not a transcoder. it’s an encoder.

I just want to clarify this point not to cause an argument but so that people understand something. DVD-RB is neither a transcoder or encoder. It can USE either. (Bet you didn’t know DVD-RB can transcode, did you? :D) DVD-RB can be configured to use a variety of encoders(CCE, ProCoder, HCenc, QuEnc, etc) and one transcoder called ReJig. DVD-RB is a wonderful rebuilder application, but, it doesn’t directly do the encoding or transcoding and relies on a third party tool for that. Again, not trying to argue, just clarify the point.

see i learn something new every day. thanks for the info on the ReJig SamuriHL. :slight_smile: now i’ll have to try and find it and use it to see if it’s better(my eyes only) or not.

I wouldn’t bother with Rejig. It is appalling.

I use DVD Shrink and DVD Rebuilder with either HCEnc or Procoder encoder.

Uh, please note I’m not ADVOCATING rejig! :slight_smile: I don’t consider it a good solution to transcoding, personally. It’s simply an option. (When Reasons called DVD-RB an encoder I just wanted to clarify that it isn’t necessarily limited to encoding only). You’ll find CloneDVD and DVD Shrink/Recode to be far superior transcoding engines I think.

I agree that for the ultimate in “shrinking” quality, DVDRB with a quality encoder like CCE Basic are great. But if I were as rich as some CD Freaks, I’d be able afford $500 for Procoder. :smiley:

Yea, no kidding. ProCoder and CCE professional would be nice and all, but, I’m not that fanatical about backing up dvd’s. CCE Basic is fine for most things.

cool, rejig is open source…or the one i found is… so maybe i can show my “buds” and they could make a better one for me… as they owe me some favors… are there any open source encoders out there? if this is not allowed please delete this reply.

HCenc and QuEnc are freeware but I’m not sure if the source is available. I’m sure you could do a google search and find out. ReJig has its purpose but I just don’t think it matches CloneDVD or DVD Shrink/Recode for quality. I just find it nice that DVD-RB allows you to use it.