Best DVD Writer


Im looking for a good DVD writer for around £30-40 I’ve been told the NEC drives are the best ones but if anyone has any other recommendation that would be great. Also what are the best blank DVD’s to use with the drives aswell?

Thanks for your help !!

The NEC 3520A can be purchased for around £35 - £40 from any computer fair (Bowlers, Trafford park etc), i have this drive and it is a good burner, slow dual layer dvd ripper but for £35 i aint complaining.

Since you are called Mancstudent, i assume your around the Machester area, so i highly recommend you go to Bowlers.

SVP have a pioneer black MCC 107 for £29,

but it can easily be flashed to a pioneer 108 which is a very good writer/reader

LG GSA-4163B, BenQ1620 & NEC 3520A are all three good drives.

Taste differs, but my pick would be:

[li]LG GSA-4163B
[/li][li]NEC 3520A