Best dvd writer?

Hi, I’m in the process of backing up some large files, and I’m wondering which drive you guys recommend for best dvd write quality? Speed isn’t that big of an issue, neither is CD burning or reading. Oh sorry if this post is redundant, I did do a search but I’ve gathered only to buy a NEC or a BenQ for bitstream and some of the reasons for the features I don’t really need. Thanks! :slight_smile:

What kind of files do you burn?’
What kind of media do you have available to you? :slight_smile:

To save me repeating myself have a look here
hope this helps

Ah this would be for computer images and photos. As for media, fortunately I live in Toronto (Canada’s largest city) so there is a somewhat decent selection to choose from locally for +. -. and RAM. I guess I’d use whichever gives best results (could always order as well) for what is important and just use cheap media for things that friends/coworkers request ;).


OK after wading through 10 pages of posts (again) to see if I missed anything, I have found that you recommend the NEC3500AG because it has given you 20 good burns (dual layer as well!) but have not tried any others except for Sony.

I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.

There is no “best” DVD writer/burner. :slight_smile:

I linked you to that post because it had most info in it
I had just posted that the 2 best were benq and nec so to save repeating i linked so you could see for yourself
I have now done well over 100 burns with the nec but cant say it is better than the benq because i have never owned one…
but i can say the nec is a very good drive
as for sony well i wont even go into that
but going by popularity those 2 drives are in my opinion the best
btw i have tried other burners on that list (liteon for example but did not rate it at all)

Right now prices for most DVD Burners is very low. I recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-108 for around $90.00 (us) and a NEC 3500A for I believe $75.00 (us) and I see is now offering the NEC 3520A for $64.00 plus shipping. Not sure if they ship to Canada, but the prices are nice and low.

Take your pick, both the Pioneer and the NEC are great.

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